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January 17, 2010
Cyrod Technologies Inc. signs partnership with Amfeltec

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June 2, 2008
Cyrod Technologies signs All American as North American Distributor

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PCI Express Cable ExtenderPCI Express Cable Extender PCI Express Cable Extender PackagePCI Express Cable Extender ExpressCard Interface Card with laptop

PCI Express Cable Extender

  • Easyaccess to the PCI express card under test from any angle

  • Supports hot-swap replacement add-in cards without powering down host computer

  • Overcurrent protection

  • Easy access to the PCI express JTAG signals

  • Patented mechanical support mechanism for stabilization of PCI express cards

  • Designed to support development and debugging of PCI express boards. The PCI Express Cable Extender allows easy access from both sides of the PCI express board that is plugged into the Extender. It has overcurrent protection and provides access to the PCI express bus JTAG signals. By enabling access to the PCI express bus JTAG signals the PCI Express Cable Extender becomes a universal device to help support programming/loading of FPGA/CPLD during debugging and verification PCI express cards.


    • Easy Plug and Play installation
    • Connects to the host computer via standard CAT6 cable and PCI express interface card or ExpressCard
    • Compliant with PCI Express 1.1 specification
    • Supports live insertion for the plug-in cards without rebooting the host computer
    • Supports external power supply
    • Power monitoring and overcurrent protection for plug-in board
    • Access to the PCI express bus JTAG Boundary Scan signals to support board level testing/programming
    • Mechanical stabilization (US patent 7,255,570) for add-in PCI express cards in cases where it cannot be held by the bracket
    • RoHS compliant

    Standard package includes:

    • PCI Express Cable Extender
    • x1 PCI express interface card or ExpressCard
    • 7 ft CAT6 cable
    • 7 ft control flat cable
    • User manual
    • Full schematics, VHDL source code for logic
    • Device driver for supporting hot-swap expansion cards under Windows/Linux/FreeBSD OS

      Product Manual Product Brief Software Manual
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