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January 17, 2010
Cyrod Technologies Inc. signs partnership with Amfeltec

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June 2, 2008
Cyrod Technologies signs All American as North American Distributor

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Universal ByteBlaster
TTL to RS-232 Converter

Universal Byte Blaster

TTL to RS-232 Converter


  • Supports UART signals from 3 to 5 Volt

  • No additional power supply or power connection required (powered from RS-232 port)

  • Connection to the RS-232 interface via a female DB-9 connector and straight through extension cable

  • Only 3 TTL signals are required: ground, transmit and receive

  • Provides connection speed of up to 250 Kbps

TTL to RS-232 converter connects the Serial UART to the standard RS-232 port for testing and monitoring functionality. The Converter facilitates ease of use and helps to reduce board space and cost.

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